Welcome to the web site of the Loyal Volunteers Living History Society. In 1803 the United Kingdom was under threat of invasion by the French led by their renowned general Napoleon Bonaparte. A desperate government exhorted everyone capable of bearing arms to volunteer to defend our island against the republican hordes. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary people responded in what the Prime Minister of the day Henry Addington described as an 'Insurrection of Loyalty'.

We aim to recreate the spirit of that time through our Volunteer Corps, Living History displays and glimpses into the ordinary lives of the people affected by those troubled times.

The society welcomes membership applications of all who wish to join us. The whole family is welcome. Many of the Founder Members of the society are very experienced re enactors across several periods. Requirements will be kept to a minimum to allow anyone to join without spending thousands of pounds. We will be mustering a few times per year at sites connected with the Volunteers, Militia, and Fencibles. Members can portray the Trade or Craft of the Volunteer they are representing which will add an extra dimension to our shows.

If you would like to experience a flavour of the Napoleonic era why not come and join in.

For more information contact Majorpaul1803@aol.com.