About Us

The Society has the following Aims:

  1. To commemorate the volunteer movements in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuaries.

  2. To portray an accurate representation of those times through living history displays, lectures, study days, feasts and re-enactments, encouraging participation by all the family.

  3. To encourage research into the Volunteers, Militia, Fencibles and Yeomanry and publish research papers where practicable.

  4. To preserve artifacts from the period and have exact copies made where possible.

  5. To maintain a database of names and details of service to assist genealogical research where possible.

  6. To assist service charities in raising monies, if practicable.

  7. To promote the highest standards of conduct amongst members of the society, have a robust child protection policy, and adhere to strict health and safety policies whilst training and performing.

  8. To ensure all participants in shows have adequate insurance and meet legal requirements for the roles they undertake.

  9. To enjoy the hobby and entertain the public.

  10. To promote links with other individuals and societies with similar aims.