Gallery 2

A volunteer’s work is never done. The volunteers have marched to the Peak District village of Youlgreave to recruit at their village celebrations. Volunteers Clark and Curtis mistakenly believed they were there to engage in a drinking competition with the local gentry and to dazzle the village maidens with the sight of their fine new red coats. Alas the Sgt Major had other ideas and they were set to cleaning and polishing – ah the bitter twists of fate!

The recruiting party gathering after enticing several of the local lucky lads to consider taking the shilling. A glorious day was had by all and we were able to contribute our small tribute to the armed forces of yesteryear on Armed Forces Day 2010.

England’s last hope! 

You can see by the grins on their faces that this is an enjoyable unit to be in. All of our events are small and friendly and all end with a social gathering where members swap stories, sing the old songs, enjoy each other’s company and revive a time in re enactment/living history where restrictions, politics and nitpicking were seen as unimportant and the enjoyment of participants central. If you remember such times or want to experience them I have only one question – when are you joining? 

Arkwright’s Mill Cromford

Here the Major is seen inspecting two sentries from Capt Peter Arkwright’s Company of Volunteers guarding mill property in Cromford. The Mills built by Sir Richard Arkwright in 1771-1790 are an important part of the Derwent Valley World Heritage site and we hope to return there soon.

Some of Captain Peter Arkwright’s Company at the Mill Complex seen at the end of a very long hot day. Thanks to officials of the Arkwright Society who allowed us to strike this pose in their fantastic mill yard. Apologies for “Ethelred the Unsteady” who has no sense of time or urgency and who looks a little disheveled!