Gallery 3

The Volunteers are on the march again—this time to the Regency Weekend at Kedleston Hall. The Corps was reviewed there as one of their six compulsory Inspections in 1804. This system supplemented the weekly training of the Volunteers. They were 'called out' five or six  times per year to a place remote from their own home towns and there inspected by either a Local dignitary such as Sir Nathaniel Curzon or by Their Inspecting Field Officer for example Col Charles Miller. We were happy to be invited to the event by Howard Giles of Event Plan, delighted to work with the Coldstream Guards 1815 and to be photographed by some excellent members of a local camera club whose work you see here.

We used the Volunteer Pikes for the first time and involved many members of the public both old and young in an interactive chance to be Volunteers for a while. Take the Oath of Allegiance to His Britannic Majesty King George the third and drill with those very same pikes. Such was the demand to take part that the eager number of would be participants completely outstripped the supply of pikes available but no one minded and a great time was had by all. We were informed afterwards that some young members of the Curzon family took part in one of the interactive sessions and so that link with our past was re-forged.

  Here the Major is seen lost in thought outside an ancient door. There has been speculation that it is the door of an alehouse where he has been refused entry due to the lack of strong drink. Such dire prognostications are alas adrift by a country mile. He is lost in thought wondering where the next few people will come from to help with developing the Loyal Volunteers project. YOU could be the very one he is looking for, so why not get in touch today! 

Various volunteers reflecting on the prospect of some refreshment. A hope that was to be fulfilled as we were very kindly invited to take tea with the Coldstream Guards. An excellent and friendly group of re enactors who it was a pleasure to meet.


I don’t know what they do to the enemy but by gum thy frighten me!

This picture shows the Volunteers with an old friend. Howard Giles of Event Plan simply couldn't resist trying one of our new Volunteer Pikes out for size. He also managed to acquire Paul Curtis's shako which led to a first—and probably last—shot of PC in a straw hat! The Loyal Volunteers Living History Society looks forward to any other Event Plan weekends we can help with and thank Howard for his help and encouragement.