Verse Composed for the Pimhill Light Horse Volunteers (Shropshire), 1801
(From the research of Steve Tamplin)

At the social board thus seated,
When I view you gay and free;
As the verse is oft repeated,
Listen, Volunteers, to me;
While our King and Constitution
Claims each Briton as a friend
We have formed the Resolution
These for ever to defend.

For our foes, who still deceiving
Urge us to subvert the throne,
Bid us Gallia’s creed believe in,
Religion and our Laws disown.
Think what horrors might confound us
Should their base designs succeed
As late in Ireland, War around us,
How this hapless realm might believe !!

Our flag at Copenhagen flying
Soon subdued our Danish foes,
Who on Gallic faith relying,
Found the Source of all their Woes,
But in victory NELSON landing
Bade his martial thunder cease,
Hearts in mercy thus commanding
Calmed the Northern World to Peace.
Nor in Egypt less victorious
Gallant ABERCROMBIE fell;
In fate like WOLFE, in fame as glorious,
British annals long will tell;
Thus our foes who seek our ruin,
Prove in age and find in youth
British Heroes still pursuing
Britain’s foes, the foes to Truth.
Once more has Plenty pour’d her Treasures
Again our Vallies laugh and Sing,
Our SOVEREIGN’S Health has crowned the Pleasures
Of Britons grateful to their King.
Then Gallant Comrades look around you,
Our domestic bliss survey,
Think what stores of joy surround you
While you British Laws obey.
Yet reflect how oft our story
Has adorn’d th’ historic Page;
Let us guard our ancient Glory,
War ‘gainst Traitors still we’ll wage;
With freedom thus and bliss o’erflowing,
Hail the source from whence they spring.
With grateful Hearts to Heaven glowing
Drink ‘Long Life to GEORGE our KING. 1

1 Cited in E.W. Gladstone The Shropshire Yeomanry 1795-1945: The Story of a Volunteer Cavalry Regiment p.63-64

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