Applying to join the Society is easy. There are three simple steps to follow.

1. Contact the recruiting officer and express an interest. It helps if you let us know a little about yourself and why you would like to join.

2. Give a method we can contact you and we can chat by e mail, instant messenger, telephone, or in person.

3. If you then feel like becoming a Volunteer come and meet some or all of the Founders (if practicable) attend events, acquire kit, join in the fun and sign on. During that period you will be deciding if you feel comfortable in the society and we will be deciding if we see you as part of our happy band. We hope for a successful outcome to both questions and that you will enjoy your membership.


A few things to note

There is no obligation for people to acquire shotgun and black powder licenses at once or indeed at all. It does however mean you will be 'shouldering your pitchfork or pike' for the length of your membership. If you feel comfortable in that role that is excellent we make no pretence of being an elite unit (been there done that 20 years ago) and all Volunteers are welcome.

One of the things we are hoping to organise at our events is the Band of Music. If you play an instrument that was current in 1803-16 please feel free to join us and help recreate the musical traditions of those years.

If you are already a re-enactor that's great. The time commitment in this society and the outlay in money you need to start are quite modest. For example two of our first recruits belong to an excellent French NA regiment and had the basic kit they needed to get going. You would be joining a growing group of experienced re-enactors from many periods who can tell a rare tale or two. Your experience and stories will be most welcome. We quite understand if your main priorities lie elsewhere but our very modest commitments will be fully explained during the recruiting process. Of course don’t worry if you have never 'dressed up' in your life. We make a point of looking after all our people and ensuring they have a great time being Historical Entertainers.

If any of this appeals to you get in touch and we will start the ball rolling!

Paul Barrass     Recruiting Officer  or ring 01773 828647