Basic Kit (Uniform) Requirements

This photo shows some of the kit available to the fully equipped Volunteer. This old soldier who has seen service in America during the Revolutionary War has left his quiet retirement and enlisted as a Senior NCO in the Corps. In the months ahead men like him will be vital in attempting to turn patriotic amateurs into something resembling soldiers. He is wearing the first of the locally produced scarlet jackets that distinguished many of the Derbyshire Corps. What’s the point of owning textile mills and waiting for Army clothiers! This photograph shows the basic kit requirements for taking part. This Volunteer has come to enlist at the Old Talbot Hotel in what he had available. He has been issued with a pair of gaiters and a bayonet but as yet (and for months to come) no muskets from the Government were available. His hat is a simple tricorn but he stands ready to defend his little bit of England from the minions of a foreign power.

The Volunteers, Fencibles, and Militia wore a variety of kit and accoutrements during their various incarnations during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. We aim to give a flavour of that period in our dress code to make it easily affordable for those who wish to join us and to make it easy for established re enactors from other units to come and participate in our few but enjoyable musters.

Basic Kit

  • Black Shoes preferably square toed with leather soles
  • White flap fronted cotton or wool trousers
  • White Shirt
  • Waistcoat
  • Headgear

Basic Kit to participate in an event should cost less than £100. It may also be possible to borrow items of Kit from our stock but such arrangements can only be temporary as we would hope that members will be self reliant enough to assemble our very modest requirements.

Those wishing to fire muskets (on proof of appropriate licensing) will need:

  • Cartridge Box
  • White Cross belt
  • Bayonet with Crossbelt is useful

The Volunteers Quartermaster Sergeant has returned from retirement and Jackets, Leatherware, Black Gaiters, Canteens, Bread Bags and other uniform items are once again being produced to authentic patterns by hand. These will be made available to members only at exceptionally reasonable prices. His work is well known in re enactment on two continents and we are pleased to see him back.

As part of our Living History impression is to demonstrate the trade or profession of the Volunteer you portray members are free to bring along the 'tools of their trade' to enhance the show.

Ladies and young people accompanied by responsible adults are very welcome to join the society and take a full part in our activities. Ladies who wish to muster in the Corps need to provide the same kit as Gentlemen.